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Why the rich are getting richer
The New Economics Foundation have recently published a study on why the rich are getting richer. The report focuses on
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Four Horsemen at 6 Million Views
This excellent film is essential viewing. Leading lights in the intellectual revolt against the inhumanity and insanity of the global
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Land Banking
No one doubts there is a housing shortage in the UK but opinions differ on how to solve it. A
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Bonkers Land Tax
Land Value Taxation received a good airing in the FT this week. It started with an article by Tory MP
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Time for an upgrade
Mark Braund has a good blog on the renegade economist website. Mark is a journalist and author of the Possibility of
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Mirrlees Review
The Mirrlees Review the Institute of Fiscal Studies’ comprehensive review of the tax system chaired by Nobel Laureate has finally
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