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Homelessness Caused by Anomie not Poverty

In this latest edition of From the Archive, we learn the cause of homelessness from John Bird, a man with considerable first hand experience. The founder of The Big Issue‘s disturbing revelation is that there is no fiscal cause of poverty. The cause of poverty is the “break down of society”, resulting in anomie. Anomic individuals have to face the ravages of material existence without the natural social and physical shelter of community.

With our fervent concern to implement a land tax heightened by apparent progress, and amid our calls for building more good homes to end the housing crisis and homelessness, it is easy to think of these social problems in merely technical, economic terms. John Bird reminds us the natural unit of man is the community, not the individual. And, after all, without a community that cares, who will implement a land tax?

Read Land&Liberty’s 2001 interview with straight-talking John Bird below, or download the whole issue here.


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