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Avila Cover

This cover, from our 1986 March – April edition, shows the image of a rare breed – a revolutionary land taxer who did not just write a book or a blog, but who put his life on the line to implement the “Henry George solution.”

In 1986, Charles Avila, a wanted man in his native Philippines, was in exile in America. Land&Liberty editor Fred Harrison managed to catch up with him by phone and hear his amazing story.

In 2018, at two events, Avila’s work is being given more of the attention it rightly deserves:

On August 30th he will speak in person at the Conference hosted by the Council of Georgist Organizations & Earth Rights Institute in Balitmore. There Avila will explain the findings in his seminal work Ownership: Early Christian Teaching.

On September 22nd, at the Henry George Foundation Open Event in London, we will discuss the significance of his ground-breaking scholarship, and there will be a screening of a new interview with Avila by David Triggs. Join us to find out why Avila risked his life for justice.


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